Using Google Sheets to pull in AdWords data but exceeding Google's 2 million row limit


We have a client that wants to utilize the Google AdWords workaround via Google Sheets. Currently there is a limit placed on a Google Sheet of 2 million rows that can be pulled into Domo. Our client has about 1.7 million rows of data coming in per day, which makes the daily append of pulling the last 7 days impossible to do. Does anyone have any suggestions or workarounds for this type of situation?


  • amycaroline

    anyone have any thoughts on this?

  • GrantSmith

    I've gotten around this issue and timing issues in the past utilizing a python script to pull the data out of Google Ads / AdWords via their API and pushing it into Domo using the Domo API and then just scheduling my script to run on a daily basis.


    Currently the API doesn't allow you to append to an existing API dataset - only Replace is allowed. To get around it you can either pull your entire dataset or utilize a self appending dataflow to tack on each day after it's run.

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