Reseting Running Total Bar Graph

I want to create a cumulative bar graph of my sales where the total value resets each quarter. What is the best way to do this?




Q1 Week 1: 10

Q1 Week 2: 7

Q1 Week 3: 13

Q2 Week 1: 6

Q2 Week 2: 9

Q2 Week 3: 11



Q1 Week 1: 10

Q1 Week 2: 17

Q1 Week 3: 30

Q2 Week 1: 6

Q2 Week 2: 15

Q2 Week 3: 26


  • Tomo
    Tomo Contributor

    I think the easiest way for which an arithmetic expression isn't used in particular is below.




    But, correction of a character string is needed in order to sort in QuarterWeek.

    ただし、QuarterWeek でソートできるように文字列の修正が必要です。

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