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I'm struggling trying to figure out if Domo can handle creating a line chart that calculates the percent of total for the value, then show those values as percentages on a line chart. I've been searching around forever and have tried using %_PERCENT_OF_TOTAL as a data value label, but the problem there is that doesn't change the Y axis scale, it still shows the count as the scale, not 0-100%. By the title of property, I'd imagine that makes sense since it is just configuring the data labels. 


My domo dataset columns are quite simple, just Date, Type (A,B,C) and Count. I can figure out how to do this quite simply in Excel, but not seeing an easy way to do this currently in Domo. 


I've attached a quick sample image of what I'm trying to accomplish. Is this even possible in Domo?


Line Chart Example.png




  • ST_-Superman-_

    You should be able to accomplish this with a beast mode calculation:


    You will need to make a separate calculation for each type.


    Type A:

    sum(case when `Type` = 'Type A' then `Count` end) / sum(`Count`)


    Type B:

    sum(case when `Type` = 'Type B' then `Count` end) / sum(`Count`)


    Type C:

    sum(case when `Type` = 'Type C' then `Count` end) / sum(`Count`)


    You should then be able to use the Line Chart.  Just put `Type A` for Y-axis, and `Type B` and `Type C` in as SERIES.  

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  • jwilson

    This original question was posed 4 years ago.


    Is there a more modern way to accomplish this without creating a unknowable number of beast-mode calculations?

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    window function.


    sum(amount) / sum(sum(amount)) 



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