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I have a progress gauge bar that displays sales to plan as a percentage on the month. When we exceed the monthy target, the progress bar does not go past 100%. Say for example, we finish the month at 102% of the plan. Is there a way to display this in the progress bar as I like the graphic. If there isn't a way to display this in the progress bar gauge then what is the best way to display a result that is more than 100% (and still show it as "over" 100%).


  • guitarhero23
    guitarhero23 Contributor

    Can you provide a screenshot and perhaps the columns available? (In edit view). Would perhaps setting a maximum of a target that it generally never gets to (150%?) and a goal of 100, then use the color difference above/below goal value to make whatever is over 100% a different color? If not you could still at least see when it goes over 100% however it wouldn't be 100% filled in at 100% this way.

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  • hamza_123
    hamza_123 Contributor

    Hello. I am stuck on the exact same thing. I want to be able to see values in progress bar greater than 100% (if achieved > goal).

    Just wanted to ask if this issue was ever solved?

  • DavidM1

    This was not something that Domo offered a fix for specifically on the Progress Bar card type. My own resolution was to move to a Filled Gauge instead (which does show values over 100%). See image attached.

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