How to lock down a dataset ?

Is there a way to 'lock down' a data set or  group them in to schemas or categories ?  We have few data sets in Domo and have built cards on top of it and shared with users.  There are users who has access to create cards on top of the data sets we created.  Since such users or other domo users creates cards on top of the data set without consulting/informing us,   when ever we are making changes to the data sets (modify the data or data set itself) for any other requirements , those users are impacted.   How do we restrict other domo users from creating cards on a dataset ?  





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    Maybe someone has a better solution than this suggestion (or maybe something that could go to the idea exchange) but you could use Personalized Data Permission (PDP) I believe. 


    Ex. Set up a group that consists of all users in Domo (besides Admins) and set a policy that says they don't have access to any of the data.


    It's not the ideal solution as they would still be able to technically save the card (I think, I don't actually have PDP enabled in my instance myself) but they likely wouldn't since it would show them no data.


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