Automate Excel Data Refresh


I am new to DOMO so excuse me for my ignorance.

Is it possible to schedule and automatic Excel data refresh? Lets say I have a network shared drive folder. Where in I put excel files. Now, can I automate the process to upload the excel to DOMO and refresh the cards to use the new excel everyday?


  • RGranada
    RGranada Contributor



    Either the Excel connector or Workbench are the way to go. Both allow to set the update frequecy.


    If your file is on premises, i would personally use the  workbench tool.


    After the excel has been  uploaded every card connected to the excel dataset or any dataset descending from that one will automatically update.


    Hope this helps.

    Ricardo Granada 


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  • Soda
    Soda Member


    When you say the Excel connector can I assume you refer to O365? What if the file is dropped on a shared drive and I want it automatically uploaded and replace the dataset in Domo associated with that file, can this be achieved with a connector or WB is the only way?

    Thanks mate

  • MartinB

    Hey @Soda 


    I would stick with the WB solution.


    Create a form entry template in Excel (a basic spreadsheet) and make people or yourself type in data into it.

    Via WB make it refresh itself every hour, for example.

    (Sorry, I'm not an admin nor have access to WB so I can't walk you through the process on doing the schedule)

    Once scheduled, just create the cards or apps you need. Everytime you save the Excel file, Domo will go and look into it at every scheduled timelapse and retrieve the new data it has.


    Hope this helps!

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