How to enter sales goal figures for individual salespeople


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I have a question regarding sales goal figures.  I have a set of data with individual sales listed on it, with the date of the invoice, salesperson, sale total, and other data detailing each unique sale.  On a separate spreadsheet, I have each sales goal for each person, for the year, and also for each month.  How would I go about combining these two sets of data so that I can use graphs that show both the sales goal, and then the monthly/yearly progress?  The sales sheet updates automatically, but the sales goals sheet will stay the same throughout the year.  


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    You will have to use a dataflow. You can use  redshift dataflow  to join the two tables, something like:


    Select Sales.* , Goals.MonthGoal, Goals.YearGoal From Sales Left Outer Join Goals ON

    Sales.salesperson= Goals.Salesperson AND DATEPART(y,Sales.Date) =Goals.Year AND DATEPART(mon, Sales.Date) = Goals.Month 


    This will give you on each record information about sales goal for that SalesPerson on the month and year of the invoice. Then you can use A MAX() Aggregate on the card to get a unique Goal value for each month or year.. This is the best i can do not accurately knowing your data schema.


    There are certainly other ways to achieve this.


    Hope this helps

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