Is there anyway in workbench/domo to only upload changes?


If I set my DataSet type to Append, it just re-uploads all of rows to to the end of the table and duplicates my data. 



  • guitarhero23
    guitarhero23 Contributor

    Hmmm I thought the default behavior was that it would do as you expect although I don't append anything myself I full replace so I haven't experienced that. \


    Can you give some insight into the type of data you're trying to append and how you have it setup now?


    Some other questions that may offer some insight:


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  • user07319

    I'm pulling sql data in to domo, I've switched my workbench data to do a replace instead of an append so it's fine on that end now. 


    However, I have 6 tables that I'm creating a dataflow off of, and it is doing the same thing. 


    I'm using redshift, and the queries I'm running work well, but every time it updates the dataflow, it add everything again. 


    after 3 runs I'm up to data x3

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