Quick Filter Sort Order


Does anyone know what drives the sort order of a quick filter?  I have one example that appears alphebetical but then I have a Day of Week category that is totally non-sensical.


  • ST_-Superman-_

    I haven't played a whole lot with quick filters yet, but did you try sorting the data by your date field first?  It may just be pulling in each weekday name as it encounters them in your data set.  

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  • MrUziel

    It could be sorted by highest corresponding value. For example, if Friday is worth 6 and Monday is worth 4, Friday will be listed first.


    If that's either irrelevant or there's a different criteriato follow it may default ot that. For example I have a quick filter based on a beast mode calculation that takes year-as-a-whole-number (2017) and concatenates it with 'Q' and quarter-as-a-whole-number, giving me, for example, 1998 Q 3, 1998 Q 4, 1999 Q 1 and so on, in quarter order.


    It doesn't recognize the written days of the week as such, it jsut recognizes them as random strings.


    Weird that it isn't in alphabetical order, though. I agree with Scott Thompson here; try sorting by day of the week if possible.

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