Sumo Subtotals not appearing correctly


I have two categories in my rows: Building and Customer and I can't get the SUMO card to get subtotals by only Building. In some rows, it displays subtotals by Customer and in others, by Building.


Any idea on how to fix this?


  • Data_Warrior

    Are Building and Customer in the same series?  If so, drag that series to Categories section  in the edit view (click the pencil on the left) and filter the series to just building.

  • user01003

    No, they are not in the same series. They are two different series. What I'm trying to do is getvalues for each building broken down by customer and subtotals for each building (the first seies).


    Building 1             Customer 1                    

                                 Customer 2

    Building 1 Subtotal

    Building 2             Customer 3

                                 Customer 1

    Building 1 Subtotal

    Grand Total


    This is the format I'm trying to achieve in SUMO card, but the subtotals randomly appear for some Building only, not for all Buildings.

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