Adding/subtracting dates


I am currently using a Date Operations and Calculation block in ETL to determine a "turnaround time" for maintenance orders, from initiation date to completion date. This works well via a Day of Year conversion and simple subtraction, however it's not the right solution since tickets that are open during a yearly rollover would be calculated as a negative value in the turnaround time. 


Is there a more thorough way Domo handles subtracting dates? 


  • RGranada
    RGranada Contributor



    Have you tried using DATEDIFF in a BeastMode :


    DATEDIFF (Completation_Date,Initiation_Date)


    This will give you the difference in days between the two dates,


    Hope this helps.

    Ricardo Granada 


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  • kdonavin

    That datediff() function is pretty crummy. Other SQL flavors have a datediff() function with the ability to return any unit of time, not just 'day'. What if I want a difference in hours, minutes, seconds, etc.? Gotta do some silly calculation with the hour(), minute() functions...

  • kdonavin

    Ha, just realized I can just subtract dates with '-' directly. Nevermind.