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Is the any way to arrange the order in which columns appear in a SUMO card?



On the attached fiel I would like to mover the 'Candidate Withdrew - Engaged' to the left of the 'Contacted' field






  • Can anyone help with this request?

  • In a sumo card, you can rearrange columns by dragging the columns up and down in the field list on the left (where the fields/columns are green).

  • thanks for your response user 07995


    To clarify, I am trying to change the order of the Values that exist in a particular field/column.


    The recommended solutions does not work for the above.

  • On a Sumo Card, you can select the "..." next to the name of the field on the Sumo Table and you will be able to sort the data in the column that you choose. 

  • Was anyone able to fix this? 


    I have my columns sorted by  FY (fiscal year), then broken down by Qtr (quarter), then broken down by Cal_Month (calendar month).The months don't always appear in the "natural" order: Q1 covers Oct-Nov-Dec. If I sort for Q1 by Descending order, it sorts them descending alphabetically (O-N-D), which is OK.

    But this logic doesn't work for Q2 (Jan-Feb-March), in which I can choose Ascending (Feb-Jan-March) or Descending (March-Jan-Feb). Obviously, neither one of these is good. 


    Any ideas?


  • Hi user02412,


    You can do this by making a new calculated field using an anlayzer card. Make sure to share the field to the dataset. The easy way to get a number for each month is to use CASE `Cal_Month` WHEN 'Oct' THEN 1 WHEN 'Nov' THEN 2 ... ELSE END. Adjust as required for your situation. Now you can sort on fiscal year and the new month number and it should sort as you need.


    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Thanks. I'm sure that will work. 



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