Response status code does not indicate success: 500 (Server Error)


I'm trying to push a local CSV file into Domo.


I've been getting mixed results all day, sometimes it uploads and other times it returns "Response status code does not indicate success: 500 (Server Error)."


I uninstalled and reinstalled workbench and I am not getting this error every time it runs. The preview populates perfectly, but for some reason it won't run successfully.


Any ideas?


  • user03383

    Hello Domo expert,


    I am getting the same issue with workbench today.  

    Pasted the actual error here and hope it helps and please advise us a workaround or address asap.

    Many thanks in advance.

    [06.30.17 11:08:22 AM] Updating Domo Schema to reflect data changes.
    [06.30.17 11:08:22 AM] Updating Domo DataSet Schema.
    [06.30.17 11:08:22 AM] Domo web communication returned error status: InternalServerError
    Internal Server Error
    [06.30.17 11:08:23 AM] Saving Workbench DataSet Job changes to Domo.
    [06.30.17 11:08:23 AM] Updating Agent Job '186' configuration on the Domo server.
    [06.30.17 11:08:23 AM] Reporting DataSet Job execution failure to Domo.
    [06.30.17 11:08:23 AM] Reporting Agent '5' execution status.
    [06.30.17 11:08:23 AM] Response status code does not indicate success: 500 (Server Error).


  • [Deleted User]

    @Dark_Knight Can you have a look to see if your team may have encountered these issues?

  • tylerdenton

    Was this ever resolved? I am having the same error when trying to push data from SQL Server/ 

  • mpoudel

    Hey @user08100 @tylerdenton @user03383,


    This error is pretty common for the pushing data through workbench. There are multiple things that might cause these error:


    1 - The folder or drive where your files resides. If your folder or drive is permissioned based then this is something I have dealt many times.


    2 -  If the filename is different


    3 -  There is a impersonation and you need to turn that on if the folder or drive requires a permission


    4- if the sheet no longer exists.


    Hope this helps


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