PowerPoint Plug In PDP error with tables

I have receive an error (Note: PDP cards are not supported with SSO) when trying to bring in table cards into PowerPoint.  The other PDP cards work fine, it appears to just effect the table type cards.  Is there a way to work around this without removing the PDP's?




  • I have finally had the opportunity to create a Powerpoint Presentation using Domo cards.  However, when I Refresh Cards, the legend on a few pie charts disappear and the chart is now larger with no details.  The other cards and even another pie charts are fine.   Any suggestions?

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    Do you have any screen shots you can share?





  • smurray
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    Thank you for the samples. What version of the PowerPoint Plugin are you using?


    Also here are a couple of knowledge base articles:





    In the first article under the section of troubleshooting, it reports that Microsoft sometimes disables the plugin after a crash. You may want to follow those steps to insure that it is enable. Then refresh the data again.

  • Where can I find the version?  It was the one I download from the Domo site about 4 weeks ago.  It has worked great and refreshes most of my cards fine with the exception of 3 pie charts.  The other pie chart shows up properly with the legend.  This is why I am stumped.  Thought it was a PDP issue, but the other wroking pie chart has PDP too.

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    smurray Domo Employee
    1. Open PowerPoint.

    2. Select File > Options.

    3. Select Add-ins.

    4. In the Manage dropdown, select COM Add-ins, then click Go.

    5. Check for Domo PowerPoint

    Make sure you don't have multiple versions of the plugin installed. You can remove extra instances by doing the following:

    1. In the Windows Control Panel, go to Add/Remove Programs.

    2. Remove all instances of "Domo PowerPoint."

    3. Reinstall the plugin.

  • It shows only 1 Domo Powerepoint Add-In which is checked in the box.


    Any other suggestions?

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