Data Warehouse best practices


Usually I used to use a single data warehouse arquitecture managed by the company.
Strategically my company decided to use the data warehouse provided by Domo but I honestly still have doubts about this decision.

I have some questions on this topic:

1) Domo's data warehouse is enough? Taking into account that we're a group of several companies, with high data volume and non-homogeneous data, coming from several different systems.

2) I'd like an opinion on the best practices of using the data warehouse provided by Domo, mainly in the master data optics administration and points for data quality administration.

3) Do you have any intention of creating any tool for Metadata? That is, represent graphically (in hierarchical tree format) the summarized data that leads us to detailed data in the form of Metadata road-map (relationships between tables, indexes, etc.)


Best regards, 

Cesar Silva


  • hrh514
    hrh514 Domo Employee

    Hi Cesarsilva,


    Thank you so much for reaching out. 


    I would love to get you in contact with your customer success manager to help answer your questions regarding data warehouse best practices. Keep a look out for an email from her.


    Thank you


  • MackDaddy

    Did you ever receive an answer?