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What steps does Domo take to backup customer data (datasets, dataflows, etc.). What recommendations do you have for backing up your own data (datasets, dataflows, etc.) locally?

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    I am looking in to getting an official reply on this for you.



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    Here is the official Domo response:


    What steps does Domo take to backup customer data (datasets, dataflows, etc.)?


    Domo’s critical systems and client data are automatically backed up on an immediate or nightly basis as appropriate. Backups are stored using online redundant, geographically distributed, and encrypted systems using an AES 256-bit methodology. 


     What recommendations do you have for backing up your own data (datasets, dataflows, etc.) locally?


    Following an industry standard (E.g. NIST, SANS) or corporate backup plan to archive your data in an offsite or local repository is advisable.  The rotation and schedule of the backup is dependent upon the amount of information that is changing and crucial to the system. You should consider a data classification methodology to help understand what data is pertinent to archive vs. purged from your systems. Domo treats all client data as Sensitive and Critical, therefore backups are performed upon ingestion in to our system.




  • guitarhero23
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    Is the only way to backup Domo configurations (Dataflows, data select statements, etc) via Developer API? Is that even possible through that?

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  • Gig_Em
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    Dani, a large part of the problem I've found is with restoring DATAFLOWs.  I have two questions regarding restoration of datflows:  1. If a dataflow is deleted there is no way I know of to retrieve the code in the transforms.  2.  If a dataset is deleted, all history of a dataflow is updated to show the dataset as missing even though the dataset may have been present when the dataflow was run (even if successful).


    Surely there must be a setting that will prevent dataflow run history from being modified.  It just doesn't make sense that dataflow histories should be able to be changed retroactively.


    Do Domo corporate backups preserve dataflows and their transformations?  What must be done to retrieve backed up dataflows and datasets?


  • craigbosco

    Surely there must be a way to restore a dataflow?

    This seems like an important feature for long term maintenance and accountability.

    Thanks, Craig