DataLabelSetting: How to show labels of close data




May I ask how I can see all of data labels? 

I want to show them even if they are very close each other.

(attached 1:there are four data actually, only two are shown up)


when I use  [allow overlap], decimal is disappered, still I cannot see all of labels.

(attached 2: Three of four data are show up, still not all of them. And decimal is not avairable in here.)


Thank you for your help.




  • Tclark07
    Tclark07 Domo Employee


    It looks like you have the options chosen that would allow you to show all data labels so I am not sure why they aren't appearing.

    Would it be possible for you to reach out to Domo Support and provide the URL or name of the card you are working on and the same brief explanation of what you are tring to accomplish?

    They will be able to dig a little deeper to find out the main issue.

    Thank you,

    Domo Employee
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