Instagram Metrics on Domo




Has anyone been able to import the following Instagram metrics into Domo?


-Number of Impressions

-Number of click to site (from Bio section)


I am currently exploring Domo's Instagram Quickstart App, and couldn't find the metrics above. Any suggestions? Thanks!



  • PodiumMason
    PodiumMason Contributor

    Hey tiffanywijaya,


    I know that the instagram organic connector is very limited in the metrics you can pull from it. Aside from likes, comments, and followers (among a few others, media, media type, etc.), impression data to my knowledge is not available, along with click through to a link in bio. 


    It's mostly a matter of Facebook fleshing out the Instagram API more, to this point, they have not done that for impression and reach data. This is at least my current understanding. 


    Let me know if there's any other detail you need, I can try and provide it. 

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