Combing Data on a Table


I'm new to using Domo and I'm having a heck of a time trying to do something that I think is fairly routine. I have a table of customer order data. It includes an order #, customer email address, order total and a date. I essentially want rows of summary information instead of every entry on the table. I know I have to create beast mode calcs to do this but things like Count Distinct and Avg aren't don't seem to work. When I do Count Distinct Order # for example it just says there is 1 on the row as opposed to looking at all unique order #'s for that user. 


For example I have something that looks like this


6/1 #1234 99.95

6/1 #1123 99.95

6/2 #1211 54.95

6/2 #1126 77.95

6/3 #1132 49.95


What I want is something like this:


Email Count of Orders Total Revenue Avg Order Size 1 99.95 99.95 3  227.85 75.95 54.95 54.95


  • mpoudel

    You have to use the beast mode and thats the only way to accomplish this.



    Try creating beast mode for this columns:


    Distinct orders ?



    Avg order size:>




    let me know if this works!

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