How to display multiple summary number?


I have data based on quarter 1 and quarter 2. Can someone help me with the beast mode formula to display q1 and q2 values in summary number?


Thank you



  • adithya

    Create a beast mode calculation using concat()

    eg: concat('Q1',(case when quarter('date')=1 then 'value' else 0 end), 'vs', 'Q2', (case when quarter('date')=2 then 'value' else 0 end))

  • GrantSmith

    Hi @Pallavi

    Summary numbers must be aggregated so you'd need something like:

    CONCAT('Q1', SUM(CASE WHEN QUARTER(`date`)=1 THEN `value` ELSE 0 END), '  Q2', SUM(CASE WHEN QUARTER(`date`)=1 THEN `value` ELSE 0 END))

    This is under the assumption you're only viewing a single year at a time otherwise multiple years will get bucketed into the same quarter.

    Are you displaying (or giving the users the option to) multiple years?

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