Percent change (WoW, MoM, etc) as a trending line in card.

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I'm trying to create a beastmode that could be used in a card to show WoW/MoM/QoQ changes on a trending line. I'm picturing a 'Line + Grouped Bar' graph that would show the actual number value (bar) as well as the percent increase/decrease for each datapoint (line). We've been successful in creating percent change beastmodes as a summary number, but that is static for specific months. I'd like to see the historical trend within the card. Can anyone help?


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    Hey EJRM!


    I went ahead and put together some beast modes that I hope will be helpful for you. My test data is at the month granularity, but the principles should work regardless of what date grain your data is at.


    Date Alignment: (This is to align the dates from last year and this year, so if you filter the graph to only this year, you don't lose any data. Basically turns 2016-01-01 into 2017-01-01)


    Case when year(`Date`) = YEAR(CURRENT_DATE())-1 then DATE_ADD(`Date`, Interval 1 Year)
    Else `Date` END


    This Years Sales: (This is to be used in the bar in the bar+line graph, since we aligned the dates, we don't want to count last years sales as this year's sales, so this excludes last year by date)


    SUM(Case when YEAR(`Date`) = year(CURRENT_DATE()) then `Sales` end)


    (Optional) Last Years Sales: (In case you want to see last year sales alongside this year with a percentage change line. 


    SUM(Case when year(`Date`) = YEAR(CURRENT_DATE()) -1 then `Sales` END)


    YoY % Change: (Calculation This year - Last year / Last Year)


    (SUM(Case when year(`Date`) = year(CURRENT_DATE()) then `Sales` END)


    SUM(Case when year(`Date`) = (year(CURRENT_DATE())-1) then `Sales` END))


    (SUM(Case when year(`Date`) = (year(CURRENT_DATE())-1) then `Sales` END))


    Screenshot of final product:




    Hope this is helpful! Let me know if you need additional clarification or if you have additional questions.

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    Also, the knowledge base has a lot of YoY and QoQ and MoM examples: 



    The Dojo also has some good questions and answers from the past that could be helpful as well, feel free to search past questions. 

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    What card type did you use?

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