Card not working


"Oops Something unexpected happened. Report issue." 



I have received the error above on a card that we use frequently. It was working one day and randomly stopped working the next. Any reason this might be? There has not been any change to the data to my knowledge. Possible bug?




  • Canioagain
    Canioagain Contributor

    Did you create a beast mode?  sometimes they fould up things on a card.  Or data in your card has changed and isn't allowing the card to render

  • Bozzuto
    Bozzuto Member

    I checked all the beast mode calculations and I didn't find anything where the data could have been updated. I re-created the card and it works fine now. Thank you

  • user05535

    Why is this happening? I have load my sources data and when I saw my cards, few cards had: "oops something unexpected happened"

    I always have to go one by one by recharging the cards