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We currently have 8-10  tabs, one per each sales team. At the end of every month, we export each tabs as decks. We also have a quarterly version of these tabs. 


The cards within each tab is similar with the exception of a couple  cards. Our challege is having to update each tab whether there are edits to be made, eg changing the color, adding more months etc. 


We've considered using the publishing feature, however this doesn't work well since we have a few cards that are different in each tab. Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.






  • Rich
    Rich Domo Employee

    Hi Lisa-Chang,


    The first thought that came to mind for me was using PDP in your solution. It would be ideal to just have 1 card to edit and maintain and have any changes immediately apply to all views of that card right? But sometimes the dataset that powers those cards have some sensitive data in them OR you just don't want to clutter the experinece for a sales team in Georgia with data from California. This is where PDP comes in.


    PDP allows you to set a policy for each user on what row level data they see. You can create groups or individual policies. When you apply these policies a single card dynamically sends them only the view of the data they are permitted to see. That way, you maintain a single card and they only get the experience you're expecting the to have.


    For the uncommon cards you'll probably still need to maintain those seperately, but I suspect that workload is far less than the common cards across the pages you described.


    Here's an aritcle on PDP.


    I hope this helps. Let me know if this seems to be the solution you're looking for!

  • Lisa-Chang

    Hi @Rich ,


    thanks for the response. PDP would work if we had all the sales team on Domo. But currently, we don't have the sales folks on the platform . We are sending end of monthPowerpoints to the sales leaders. 


    We are using the the power point plug in to make the download easier. however, when edits are made to the cards, the decks need to be updated as well. 


    Perhaps a workaround on decreasing the number of cards could be we utilize the page filters and filter for every sales teams and export to PPT. 

  • [Deleted User]



    Thanks for the insight. It may be worth a conversation with your account manager to help address the situation.


    CC @alhog



  • Canioagain
    Canioagain Contributor

    This maybe heavier lifting but it sounds like building an app using adobe illustrator could help out with this.  You can maybe put several cards on a single page and publish that.  It would cut down on the number of slides you have in a ppt and you could recreate them.  Without knowing your specifics it maybe an option....You can then embed (eventually when they actually release it) the app on a webpage....

  • Chips
    Chips Domo Employee

    We at one point had 27 different pages going for our sales regions, so I completely understand! 


    We have had really great success with the pdp concept so if you are able to add users, would definitely +1 that idea.


    You've probably already expored this, but my only other idea would be to (where able) use the same card across the different pages.  Instead of "Save As" a copy of the same card across the pages, use the "Move / Copy" function so the same card appears on the different pages.


    Good luck! 

    Domo Consultant

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