Exporting PPT issues

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Unsure if this has been mentioned, but we have used the PPT exporting options to review our data on both monthly and weekly levels, but have come across what appears to be a coding error where the summary field adds 
'<span style="color:green">' with the respective data fields. 


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Joshua Reyes
Marketing Analyst | TeletracNavman


  • Domo_Diesel
    Domo_Diesel Domo Employee

    @Joshua_Reyes Happy to help with this.  Are you using html in beast mode for the summary number?

  • @Domo_Diesel @Joshua_Reyes 

    Yes, we are currently using HTML in the beast mode calculations. Please see example:



    ROUND(CONCAT(SUM(CASE WHEN `Scenario`='Plan' THEN `Numerator` ELSE 0 END),''))*1,

    ' | ',

    '<span style="color:red">',


    ROUND(CONCAT(SUM(CASE WHEN `Scenario`='Act' THEN `Numerator` ELSE 0 END),''))*1,



    Thank you,

    Jasmin Guevarra
    Marketing Analyst | TeletracNavman
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