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Is it possible to insert a data label using a field that is in the data set but is not used on the card.  For example, in the card attached, the x-axis is a sum of amount overcommitted and the y-axis is Construction Manager.  There are several properties that a Construction Manager oversees.  I would like the ability to include the name of the property that has the largest amount overcommitted, so I can see what the biggest contributor to the amount is.  If I'm not using the "Property Name" field in the graph, is this possible?


  • creed
    creed Domo Employee

    Hi @user00932,


    Thank you for providing the screenshot. It seems like you could change the chart type to stacked horizontal bar, and then include the property name as the stack in each bar. That would show each property's contribution to the construction manager's overcommitted amount. Would that solve your problem?


    Please let me know if that does not solve the problem and I will continue investigating.


    Thank you,


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  • user00932

    Hi Creed,


    That is a possibility; however, I think the concern is that it gets a little busy (see attached).  Currently, the next drill is a horizontal bar chart showing the amounts by property for that Construction Manager.  It would just be a nice way to tell the story if we could add the text in the bar identifying the biggest issue.

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