Formatting data label for one series

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I have two series on the left scale – net sales and sales per hour.  In order to have the two series be in the same magnitude, I have put net sales in thousands.  Is there a way to add a “K” after the data label so the user can know that the net sales is in thousands, but sales per hour is not (i.e., one series has a “K”, but the other one doesn’t)?  Also, is there a way to format one of the lines to be a dashed line instead of a solid line?


  • Hi,


    Which card type are you using to accomplish this? Also are you able to attach a screen shot of the card?

  • tleong
    tleong Contributor

    I am using a Line + Grouped & Stacked bar chart.  I am attaching a screenshot.

  • Thanks for sending the attachment. So if I understand you correctly, you want to put a data label on one of the lines in the chart to indicate that that line is measuring the data in 1000's. If that is the case, unfortunately data labels will not work.


    Any Datalabels Settings you configure will apply to both lines on the chart. There is not way to separate the settings for each line.


    A workaround would be to include labels on each of the metrics indicating the scale. I believe you are already doing that from what I saw in the screen shot.

  • Regarding whether you can make one line solid and the other dashed, I that is not currently a possibility.

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