Values are not pulling


My data set for this card is pulling from a google sheet. I set it up so that the column headers on the google sheet would represent the categories and values. Some of my column headers should have been marked as values in the card building process, but were instead marked as categories. 


I need 3 of my content headers to be marked as values in my card. How can I do that? Please see attached google sheet. Thank you.



  • Godzilla
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    if you're connecting using Google Sheets connector, i don't think there's any way to change the data type. 

    So, the next easiest thing to do is to create a new BeastMode column for each of the columns you want converted to value and in the beast mode multiply each of the columns by 1. Doing this will convert the new beast mode columns to numeric fields which will allow you to use them as Values.

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