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I am trying to create a custom app with Adobe Illustrator, all is well when I preview it in Domo.  It uploads correctly, and is looks correct in the Asset library, but once I open it to create a card, some of the widgets and titles are moved around.  I go back into illustator and make my changes, again when upload to Domo the changes are reflected, but again once I open it to create a card and connect my data, the changes have not been corrected.  Any ideas what could be happening?  Where is the disconnect when opening in Domo??


  • KaLin
    KaLin Member

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue?

  • jake-galbraith
    jake-galbraith Domo Employee

    Hi Roxanne,


    When you make your changes, like moving a labe or a widget, do you make sure to grab all layers for that object? The presentation layer with the visible object has a corresponding invisible layer on most widgets that is exported when uploading the artboard to domo. 


    Jake G

    Jake Galbraith
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