Stacked Group chart - sales by month by location by product category


I'm trying to build a chart that shows "sales totals" by Month by Location by Product Category... can't figure out how to structure it.  Basically, I want facilities grouped by month and then sales by category in the stacked bar. I can't see how to control the groupings to get this to happen.  (I'm new)


Series (stacked bar): Product Category sales subtotals

Groupings : all 5 locations grouped by month






  • PodiumMason
    PodiumMason Contributor

    Hi Brandon! Welcome to Domo!


    So since you have multiple category series, you'll have to do a little wrangling to get a card to do what you'd like, but it is do-able. You can decide if it's aesthetically what you want. 




    So first you'll want your date on the x-axis. Make sure you're viewing it by month. You can leave that alone once you've done that.


    The next step is to get your Location/Category combinations in their own columns. You can do this using beast mode. For my example, I used this:


    SUM(Case when `Location` = 'Phoenix' and `Category` = 'Maintenance' then `Sales` end)


    Repeat this in as many beast modes as needed to get a column for each location category combination.


    For chat type there are a few different types you can use for this, I used a stacked bar, but stacked or grouped would work (among others).


    In the below screen, you'll see how to organize your graph. X-axis is your date, then each location/category combination beast mode are the individual series in the graph.


    Hope this is helpful, please let me know if you have any additional questions!


    Test Month Sales.PNG





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  • BrandonFoster

    Thanks! I appreciate the quick response! It's not quite the solution I'm looking for, but getting there.  I want to visualize each location individually (each one gets its own stack for each month) so we can quickly compare how the locations are doing vs the others. The grouped & stacked format looks like it would visually do what I want — compare each location (stack height) by month, but also provides a visual breakdown of which products are selling better/worse/same each month... make sense? I'll try to mess around with beast mode to see how it would work, but thought hopefully someone has already "done" this one... thanks again!

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla Contributor

    if you're looking to show sales by month, by product category and by location, all on one chart, i don't think you can do that. 


    What i've done in similar situations is build the initial chart by month and by lets say location and then have a drill through chart that shows it by product category. one problem with this approach is that when they user drills through into a location, the by product category chart will only show them the breakout for the month/location you drilled into. it will not show historical by month. if you want to see the product category by month as well, i recommend building it as a separate chart. 

    Domo Arigato!

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  • EdgarChieng
    So if I understand you right, you're after a group of 5 bars (stacked by product categories) for each month all side by side in the one chart?

    If it is, don't think it's possible because Domo Cards allow you to group at most 2 stacked bars only
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