Inverting the Y AXIS




On the left side of my card I have metrics that reflects the "Y AXIS" box and I have a another set of metrics on the right side that reflects the "SERIES" box. 


I am looking to flip the metrics on the left, upside down. Because for our business - the lower these numbers are, the better. I would like it to reflect this, visually.


Right now you can see in my attachment that the number at the top is 20 and the number at the bottom is 0. Is there a way that I can flip those upside down - without flipping the right side metrics?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • EdgarChieng

    I don't think there are any charting tools out there that could do it, unless you build a custom chart/graph.


    The only suggestions I can give you is bring the scale down as close to the X-Axis as possible, you can do so by doing the following:


    1) Ensure Sync Value Scale is untick (Under General)

    2) Set the Minimal Value (Under Value Scale Line) to something like 10 (e.g. set to whichever lowest value you think your data will never reach)


    Doesn't address specifically what you're after, but would at least give that perception view you're after.

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