Can I trigger a connector data pull with an API?




We want to do a regular pull of data from our mysql data into domo. As the table in mysql grows, we want the table in domo to grow - i.e. we want to sync them.


The way we would like to do this is:


1. Upload the latest data batch to our mysql database

2. Call the connector API to update the details to say "select * from mytable where timestamp > '2017-04-20'" or whatever the time of the last pull was

3. Call the connector API to do a pull, in append mode, so that the domo table grows with the new data.


But I cannot find an API that we can call to do that? There is the dataset API, but you can only use it to replace data, and it doesn't interact with connector-created datasets. There is the streams API, but you can only use it with streams and it is quite complicated to use (we will use this if we have to, but we think our simple 'come and get the latest rows from our table' solution is much simpler and neater if there is a way to do it.


Thanks for your help!