Integrate Google DFP to DOMO


Hi All,

How do I intergrateGoogle DFP data with domo as there is no connector for DFP data, how do I create connector???


Thanks in advance.



  • PodiumMason
    PodiumMason Contributor

    Hi Arav,


    Domo does have a Google Cloud connector that can be used to integrate DFP into Domo. This Google support article has additional detail of the process of creating a repository on the Cloud side to store DFP extracts.


    The way that I've seen this process get started is to speak with your Google account rep to get Cloud setup to receive your DFP reports, then integrate them into domo via the Google Cloud connector. 


    Domo support or your consulting team (if applicable) would also be good resources here.


    Let me know if I can provide any additional clarification.

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