Stacked Bar with a Line as another metric


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Would there be a way of having a Stacked-Bar chart, displaying different result within each bar and a line comparing these with an additional metric? For example:


Stacked bar show different categories of customer registered through the days;

The line would display the segment that they are in...


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Can anyone help with this request?

  • PodiumMason
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    Hi There!


    So what you're asking for isn't exactly possible. With a stacked bar and line, the line must also be a numerical value, so displaying the segment as a line wouldn't make much sense. 


    You have a couple options. One thing you can do is put segment on the x-axis of the graph and use category as the series with the number of registrants as the y-axis. This would give you the total registrants by segment broken out by category. 


    Another option would be to use a sumo table with multiple categories. You could show Segment, Category and total registrants. You could also potentially add another dimension if needed. 


    Let me know if you have additional questions! Hope this was helpful.

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