Best of March 2017!



Are you still recovering from Domopalooza!!! More on that in a pending blog!


March was a fantastic month and we had many folks provide some great solutions!


Leading the way in solutions @shaanarora with 6! he also posted 22 times, received 5 likes and gave 6 likes! Congrats


@AS also had a strong month with 4 solutions on 30 posts, received 19 likes and gave 14 likes!

@Godiepi delivered 3 solutions on 12 posts, received 22 likes and gave 3 likes. 


@Tomo@Shevy & @byusteve all delivered 2 solutions. @Shevy received 10 likes and led all members with 4 idea submissions. A hearty congratulations to @Shevy for earning his Purple belt, Congratulations!


The following Dojo members all had 1 solution in March @swagner@Kurbz@anafziger@Cheers@TDaily@Anthony_G@meadow_ryan@buzz_boom@JoeriDP@sarahbaker@PaulCy@jsloat @Kung-fu_Panda


Our contest brought out a lot of votes and likes for many.


Most liked authors in March


@vivian_berni (30), @Godiepi (22) @AS (19), @kbota (18) @dbaydina (18), @AshfordMH (15), @JFusselman (15), @Echelon (15) @Shevy (10)


Congratulations everyone!!!


@swagner led everyone with 21 likes given, posting 18 times, receiving 5 likes and delivering 1 solution! Well done!


On the ideation front our leading ideas contributors @Shevy (4), @mcoblentz (3), @fsalinas (2), @DHargens (2), @honda (2) @lovelock (2), @Kurbz (2)


while the following Dojo members all contributed one idea @vivian_berni@kbota@dbaydina@JFusselman@jackb1117@KateVanBuskirk@Josh-REO@jpjetlinx@Johnf@BayardAd@bof@gmerke@Godiepi@Tomo@swagner@Echelon@rado98@tc@mlb


Thanks for the great engagement let's keep it going in April!!!



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