Build card to Display Status of Dataset


I'd like to build a card to show me the status of a dataset.  I'd like to have it displayed say first thing on a subpage to show perhaps that the dataset for that subpage is say updated within last 24 hours (Green), within month (yellow) otherwise Red


Something like that?


ANy ideas as to how i could do this?


  • sgraham

    I think i may have found a solution to my own problem.  I created a ETL 'Dashboard Status' that takes the several datasets i use on the subpage as inputs, then adds constant column Last updated, type Date and fills with Current Date


    So i assume since all the datasets/etl are set to update based on inputs, only when my source sends update will the 'Dashboard Status' ETL be updated?


    Then i created a card that has a new Value 'Group' which says


    when `Last Updated` = CURDATE() then 2
    when `Last Updated` < CURDATE()-1 then 1



    Created a Face Guage that says show green if min, max is 2

    Yellow if min max is 1

    otherwise red


    So I think this will work in that if the Dashboard Status ETL is not updated, which means the Datasets and ETL that it is based on does not update daily, it will show Yellow if it is one day old and red if more?


    Does anyone see any issues with this logic?

  • sgraham

    So, this does not work.  How can i somehow get the date into the ETL or Beastmode of when the dataset was last updated?

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