Exclude Card(s) from Analyzer




I have a page filled with cards mostly from the same dataset. The analyzer functionality works perfect across everyone, but there is now a card on the page that makes more sense as an unfiltered card. 


I have not seen the option to exclude a card from the page analyzer if it is from the same dataset in the analyzer. 


Is this possible?


  • Tomo
    Tomo Contributor

    There seem to be no functions which exclude the same DataSet from Page Analyzer.
    Only output is designated as input and a copy of DataSet is made in Magic ETL, and thinks I hope that you use the DataSet with a card of the target.


    同じDataSetをPage Analyzerから除外する機能は無い様です。
    Magic ETLで、入力と出力だけを指定して、DataSetのコピーを作成して、そのDataSetを対象のカードで利用すると良いと思います。

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