Issues while using DOMO on iPHONE

The app fails to show the latest week data but the data is available on the domo site
None of the data is viewed for those which have HTML formatting done
Text cannot be viewed on the folded funnel chart and the conversion rate is not viewed completely
The color of the text is not uniform  in tabular view on the site and on app
Heat map table does not work on the app
The hover information cannot be viewed completely for the treemap
The category names are not visible in the pi chart on the app
 Preview is not available for certain cards
Preview is not availble for description cards
Chart properties underline is not viewed for table
If there are stores/department/section names which are long they are not visible completely
The description cannot be viewed 
Once a filter is activated in the drilldown they cannot be removed in the course of drilldown process(e.g. RIO report)