Data truncated: Incorrect TimeStamp



I'm using Mysql to insert 12 new rows with an interval of 28 days I've tried date_add function. But, an error appears which reads as " Incorrect datetime value :Time stamp truncated" . insert ignore wouldn't iterate for 12 times. Kindly, help me solve this issue:  


create procedure MonthlyDeferredRevenue()
Set @v_max1 = 13;
Set @v_counter1 = 1;
Set @v_days =28;

start transaction;

while @v_counter1 < @v_max1 do

Set @v_days = @v_days * @v_counter1;

INSERT INTO cb_sf_masterdata_interim (OpportunityCloseDate)

SELECT  DATE_ADD(OpportunityCloseDate, Interval @v_days day)

FROM cb_sf_masterdata_temp where adjustedrevenue >= 2500 ;

SET @v_counter1 = @v_counter1 + 1;
end while;



  • Tomo
    Tomo Contributor

    OpportunityCloseDate は、TIMESTAMP で、入れようとしているのは DATETIME ではないでしょうか。




    It seems that there is an error due to type mismatch.

    OpportunityCloseDate is TIMESTAMP, and is not DATETIME trying to enter. I think that converting it to the proper type will succeed.


    Domo is ambiguous in type display, so it is hard to understand.

  • I changed the datatype of the OpportunityCloseDate column, removed nulls by assigning now() as default; also tried making both of them TimeStamp. This is the error: 

    Data truncated: Incorrect datetime value: '2068-03-12 00:00:00' for column 'OpportunityCloseDate'. 

    Could you think of any other possibility please ?