Google Sheet Connector and date formats


Has anyone else experienced recent issues with date format issues related to google sheets?  We have several google sheet data sources that have worked well for months, but recently have stopped working(in the last 14 days).   Support has yet to respond to my inquiry, so I'm hoping someone here knows something.

Here's a sample of a timeclock report with three date/time columns.  The first two are date and time, and the thrid column is a duration calculation (not calulated in sheets, it's already calculated in the report and is copied to the sheet).
timeclock data in google sheet.PNG


The same data previewed on Domo-  the first two columns have the correct date, but no time.  The third column comes through with a default date (totally wrong) and no time.

timeclock data in domo preview.PNG

We have two other google sheet data sources with similar issues.  I have tried many standard and custom formats to the data in google sheets and have not found any that succesfully cure the issue.  I have also tried a completely fresh google sheet with new data and I'm finiding the same results.

I feel confident that it is a Google Sheet or Google Connecter issue becasue I have copied the same data to an Excel sheet and imported it to Domo with success (other than the UTC adjustment).

Thanks in advance,