I am using DOMO on the Ipad . I have observed the following issues:

Takes time to drill down on trend line
The HTML color coding does not work
The currency values are returning as US $ currency value whereas we want just $ to match the same as website
The color of text varies for the data in the last drilldown
If there are stores/department/section names which are long they are not visible completely
The description cannot be viewed for the drilldown
Once a filter is activated in the drilldown they cannot be removed in the course of drilldown process


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    Are there screen shots you can capture and share here?


    CC: @codysmith



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    If you haven't already, you might try using Domo in Safari or Google Chrome on your iPad.  I have recommended this to my users who are avid iPad people and they're feedback is that the experience is much better in a browser than in the current release of the Apple app.  I heard at Domopalooza that improvements are coming to the mobile apps... so stay tuned!