Domo Buzz - can you share "pages" or is it just restricted to "cards" only


Hi all -


I was wondering if pages (that have many cards) are able to be shared with "social" users via Buzz or is it restricte to just specific cards? 


We would like to have our "social" employees see pages that have many cards, but I am not finding a good answer on whether we can do that via Buzz. 


Any assistance is appreciated!



  • KaLin
    KaLin Member

    Can anyone provide any hep on this request?

  • amycaroline

    Hi Kalin & Co - 


    Super easy to share a page (but not super intuitive!)


    See screen print attached and/or from the page you want to share, just click the + sign upper right next to page owner.


    Hope that helps!




  • phrogg108

    I am looking to see if one can share pages in Domo Buzz, not just in general.  I see where we can share one card at a time in Domo Buzz, but I am looking to share an entire page worth of cards in Domo Buzz.  Is that possible?

  • amycaroline

    oh sorry, andrea - 

    i guess i selectively read ?

    only that comes to mind is sharing the URL of the page, but the person/people would need to have the actual page shared to them, as well.