Procore Connector Beta

kamuela Domo Employee

Welcome to the Procore Connector Beta

Procore provides cloud-based construction software to clients across the globe. You can use Domo's Procore connector to compile reports about Business and marketing statistics.


This is a new connector that Domo has recently finished.  We are looking for customers that want to test this connector and provide us feedback.  If you would like to test this connector, please send a direct message to @kamuela to get instructions on how to access the connector.  If you have any questions or feedback on the connector, please post them in this thread. We are looking for feedback on the following:

  • Quality of the data that is imported to Domo. Is it formatted and classified correctly? Is it usable?
  • Report definitions. Do they include needed fields? Do they need additional selection options? Etc.
  • Report Content. Does each report include the appropriate fields?
  • Business value of the data. Is the data providing business value?
  • Connector configuration. Any feedback on the setup process?
  • Documentation. Is it accurate and complete?
I am no longer with Domo. Please @mention @Millhouse for connector specific questions.