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I would like to build a weekly dashboard for my school district.  I would like to report student attendance, staff attendance, discipline, and grade distribution.  Unfortunately, these 4 pieces of data come from 4 different sources with 4 different data definitions.  I have to do some magic to get common codes for the ID of the particular school.


So I have created a couple of cards (started with student attendance and discipline) and added them to a page called "Weekly Analysis".  Each card works fine, and I can turn on the Analyzer and set filters on each of the data sources to only show one school (or a combination of schools).  The filters work fine on each card. there a way to have one filter on the page control the data on both of the cards?  So I would change one filter to a particular school and both cards would respect that filter and only show the data for that school


Could you let me know?  Thank you so much!!


  • mpoudel

    There should be atleast some common columns on all the datasources to achieve the page lever filter. The one way to do is to add one more column to all the datasource. This can be done by naming "School" as column name on all the datasources that attributes to the name of school . You click on analyzer and set school as the filter. At the bottom of the filter Check the box that says - Apply to all Datasets with School. This should allow one filter to select school and card will display information relevent to that school. 


    Hope this helps. 



  • Bill_O

    I worked on this while following along here in the KB -


    I've got 5 datasets on a page, and column for "client" is named differently in each.  (think along the lines of "Account" vs "Client" vs "Account_Name", etc.)


    I put a beast in each dataset to rename the client field in each dataset to be named "*Client". But then when I put a page filter in place, I don't see a message along the lines of "Apply to all DataSets with *Client box" at the bottom of that filter.  


    Can page filtering on a beast mode not be done?  Is the workaround to rename the column in each dataset so it's all the same thing from there?



  • NewsomSolutions
    NewsomSolutions Domo Employee

    You should put this in the ideas section.  I'm sure you're way beyond needing this now but this is a good idea and I think that it would be helpful.  If people could 'quick filter' on multiple cards at once it could be very helpful.

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