Displaying Conversion Rates Between Pipeline Stages


I'm trying to display the conversion rate between say our stage 1 and stage 2 pipeline, to ultimately our stage 1 to closed won. The business question is "What % of my Stage 1 pipeline is converting to Stage 2?" and ultimately, "What % of my Stage 1 pipeline is actually Won? Or even Lost?"


I started playing with a folded funnel chart, as I saw that shows conversion, however my custom sort of stages in order does not work on that type of chart.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


  • KaLin

    Can anyone help out Tuliprush with this issue?

  • user04158

    I also need to solve for this problem. Was a solution ever developed for this? The challenge is that it is displaying the stages based on the volume (greatest to smallest), rather than the sales progression. Using beast mode to attempt to control the sort order of the stages using #s doesn't work because the flow is based on the volume. 

  • user00176

    We would like the same here!

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