Limiting Selection List on Card Analyzer function




First question on DOJO.


Is there a way of limiting/restricting the fields that appear in the Analyzer function on a Card?


A bit of context to this, I have created specific Calculated fields via SQL which I don't want the end user to be able to view or select on the Analyzer function


  • Godiepi
    Hi, I hope this info helps you a) When a user turns on the analyzer to filter all cards on a page, they will see all columns present in the dataset excluding beastmodes you have created. b) When a user opens a single card and turns on the analyzer, a drop down shows up and it will display all columns present on your dataset plus all beastmodes you have created. It would be great if the columns that show up in the analyzer could be turn on and off in edit mode, but it is not in place yet
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