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Hello Guys,


Talking previously to some Domo customers I have seen arquitectures being implemented where companies use two datawarehouses: one owned and managed by the company, and another provided by Domo.


My company is currently thinking about this, and weather it makes sense or note to have a separate data warehouse to Domo. Our motivation is that we need to arquive and store some data which is not necessarily needed in Domo for analytics, but instead for other applications weather they're operational data points or others.


Strategically does it make sense to add complexity to our IT landscape and to have two different data warehouses ? Where does it make sense to have the two, and when does Domo's datawarehouse is enough?







  • [Deleted User]

    Thanks for your great question!


    This is truly a question that is account specific and should be addressed with your account executive.


    @Kayla @Jerome please reach out to the @paulogaspar and @RGranada to discuss this topic in greater detail.





  • paulogaspar

    @DaniBoy I know this is a case by case scenario, however I would like to understand generaly speaking when should a company choose one scenario versus another.


  • [Deleted User]

    Honestly Domo could potentially offer solutions in both directions, however, we don't have a general statement that would apply equally across accounts.


    It really would be best for the account team to discuss with you directly to get the proper understanding of your needs and environment. 


    The team here is not in a position to provide the proper recommendation with out knowing more.


    Thanks for your patience on this.