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We haven't found a way to pull in Custom Channel groupings or Custom Content Groupings utilizing the GA connectors. Is this possible? If not, thoughts on a work-around?


  • Here is the latest article which covers our newly released connector. We may need to investigate more on a possible work around.




  • Dani, We have reviewed that previously, but thanks. Even the Advanced Connector doesn't seem to allow this. Am eager to hear of any possible work-arounds you have. Thanks,


  • @ericpete,

    Can you or someone from the connector team chime in on this thread?


  • I'm looking for the same. I'm trying to get Custom Content Groupings to pull in. No luck with the GA advanced. Any update would be appreciated!



  • Facing similar problem. Also have you guys also found out how to import custom goals from GA?

  • Bulloko
    Bulloko Domo Employee

    I went ahead and created my own Custom Channel Groupings and Custom Content Groupings, and then used Google's API Explorer - - to see if I could pull them in. I wasn't able to find a way.


    So doing some more exploring I found this thread :


    Someone asked : 

    I create my own Custom Channel Grouping in Analytics, so now I need to know how to put a custom Channel Grouping in a query  for a report anyone can help me?


    And the reply was:
    This is still not available - custom channel grouping dimension is not possible to access via the API.
    You can export data directly from GA and later on manipulate as you see fit.

    Now - this was back in 2015, yet looking at the query explorer - it looks to still be the case. Google hasn't exposed these on an API level.



    So - given Google doesn't expose these via the API, how can we get the Data into Domo in some sort of systematic way?


    I went ahead and build a "Custom Report" in Google Analytics : 



    From here I was able to create a report using those fields I desired. Once created there was an option to Email the file as an attachment with a schedule : 




    You could set this to email itself daily and you could get an attached file!

    From here you can actually set up a BOX account to accept an email :

    You can easily upload files or send attachments to a specific Box folder by email when you enable the Allow uploads to this folder via email option.


    Then you can use our BOX connector:


    and pull in that file!



    Yeah - pretty big work around because Google hasn't exposed that field on their API. But once you set it up once, it'll be automated from there going forward!


  • Thanks for doing and sharing all that research. What I ended up doing (at least what I am in the middle of doing) is to just re-create the custom group logic in domo via the GA Advanced connector in the filters box (see pic). So I'll be creating each rule and pulling in the data points for each in its own dataset, then I'll combine them with a magic ETL. 


    It's a little bit of a pain, but I think this will get it done for us.




  • Thanks everyone for their comments and possible solutions. We ended up pulling what we needed from GA into our own database and rebuilding the custom channel groupings in there. This allows us the ability to query the database with the revised channel groupings for historical data (ever prior to having created the custom grouping in GA). Custom Content Groupings can be pulled through the API, so we did this through our database as well, however, would be nice functionality to have through the Advanced Connector.

  • Bulloko
    Bulloko Domo Employee

    @juliannarenaud1 - How were you able to pull custom Content Groupings via the API?


    So I created one here called "Dojo Content Group Test" : customContentGroup.PNG


    I found this Data can be pulled in with a Custom Report and most are "Dimensions" with some being "Metrics" : 



    Yet when looking at Google's API Explorer - I find nothing for these : 





    If you can tell me how you can pull these via the Core Reporting API - I could get something into my development team to enhance the connector!

  • Hello Guys,


    Just an alternative solution on this one.


    If you are using rule definitions for your content grouping the other way is to use beast mode in domo to filter only pages that returns true on your sql conditions.


    example provided that your website has two content category example blog pages and services pages


    you can create a separate beastmode calculation for the above two categories and combine them together into one card on a grouped bar chart


    Blog Pages 


    (case when `Page Path` like '%/blog/%' OR `Page Path` like '%/blog%'
    then `Pageviews` else 0


    Services Pages


    (case when `Page Path` like '%/services/%' OR `Page Path` like '%/services%'
    then `Pageviews` else 0



    If you intent to get the avg. bounce rates per content group in one card using beastmode you may apply the ff. sql. condition


    (case when `Page Path` like '%/blog/%' OR `Page Path` like '%/blog%'
    then `Bounces` else 0


    (case when `Page Path` like '%/blog/%' OR `Page Path` like '%/blog%'
    then `Entrances` else 0




    The results I got is similar with the one I have from GA. Hope this helps.



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