Best of January 2017!




Happy New Year everyone!


January was an exciting month and @AS continues to lead the pack of Dojo contributors. He posted 31 times, delivered 9 solutions, received 12 likes, gave 4 likes and suggested 2 new ideas. Great work @AS


And at the time of this writing @AS has become the first customer to attain the Dojo "Domo" Blue Belt, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


@Godiepi had a very solid month delivering 5 solutions on only 8 posts while receiving 11 likes! That is some very high quality content. Well done!


Other solution providers this month @Godzilla (2), while @Hua@TDaily@Tomo@Shevy@guitarhero23@TimK@Nick_Bertz@Adam480925@Kung-fu_Panda and @JustAGirlyGeek all delivered one solution in January.


Top liked others included @AshfordMH@Hua@kbota@JennFoster@McSwag@RobynLinden@TimK@anafziger@JD-MX and @StaceyJohnson.


As a reminder everyone has the ability to modify their Dojo user name by clicking on my settings.


Domopalooza is upon us and we want you to take advantage of the Dojo contest to win free lodging. Please take some time to submit your entry.


Finally we have opened up a Domopalooza 2017 board and we want to hear from everyone on what you want to see and expect at this years event.


Thanks again and keep the great posts and ideas coming!




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