SharePoint Lists - Help connecting


Is anyone had luck connecting Domo to SharePoint lists?  I was able, with Domo support, to connect to our cloud based SharePoint site.  I cannot get Domo to connect to the specific list.  It keeps giving me an error to the specific list.


The list name has a space in it but I cannot change it.


I have a ticket into support from domo.  


But wondering if any of you have had luck....




  • KaLin

    Can anyone help with connecting Domo to SharePoint lists? 

  • Sambo_Servicer
    1. Is your Sharepoint Connector pointing at the right page? 
      • The connector doesn't include any subpages, so you might need to add another one targeting that specific url (i.e.
    2. Run the "Lists" report and look under the Title column to see how the connector is reading your list name.
      • Copy and paste that name  and using it in a List Item Detailed report.
  • DomoBeaver

    Finally figured it out.  The authenticator wasn't pointed to a deep enough level.


    Thanks for all the help!


  • user06977

    Please disregard.