JIRA Connector in Workbench seems to ignore Boolean datatypes


Where data elements of the JIRA API are booleans, Workbench seems to ignore them instead, putting a blank or null. In the schema their datatype is initially blank. When I switch it to STRING those fields are still not imported.


For example, versionsreleased is a flag indicating if the version has been set as released in JIRA. I would expect it to come in as a string of 'true' or 'false'.


Is there some trick to getting booleans to import?


  • KaLin

    Can someone help with importing the booleans for user0010250?

  • GTA
    GTA Domo Employee

    Being that this is coming from Jira, I would recommend that you reach out to Domo Support at support@domo.com. Typically the data, as it passes into Workbench, is made via a connection of ODBC or a local file (csv, excel, etc). It only reads what is passed. So I am wondering if Jira is not passing the data in the current state. I spoke with our Workbench team. They'd be glad to take a look and will be anticipating your case. Thanks

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